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We own 20 groups on Facebook and 15 major blogs in Europe and US.
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We promote several channels on Youtube where our SEO team places websites and products reviews targeted at the UK, Europe and US audience.
Each video accumulates nearly 20.000-30.000 views DAILY!

We are ready to promote your products so you achieve up to 15000 products views on a monthly basis using our strong advertising channels.

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The £0.01 trial

You complete a 3 second form and register with a 0.01£ trial (just making sure you're human). Our SEO Team analyses your Products/Categories and informs you when your campaign has started.

3 Sources
of Views

We divide your campaign into 3 phases.
1. Social Groups
2. Blogs
3.Youtube reviews.


The results of the promotion will be noticed within 24-48 hrs. It will take a couple of days to see a significant boost of views from blogs and about 10-12 days from video reviews.


Each day your audience will increase by 100-150 unique views which will lead to a better Ebay Positioning.

Long- term collaboration

You will notice how your overal rating on Ebay will benefit from such promotion, and at the end of the 14 day trial, you'll most likely say: "Yes, I want to work with you, guys!".

If you are not satisfied with any of above- please inform us so we make our job even better. Otherwise cancel at any time.

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SEO Promotion of Online Shops, Websites and Listings is Our Main Specialization

We charge £49/month for up to 10000 unique views
it’s about £0.49 per day for 300 unique views/daily
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Check out how well are doing some of our clients.

user: onlyclickshop
±110-200 views/day
(200-250 new sales / month)

if he'd order it in adWords,
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£82 a day

if he'd order it on Facebook,
he would get it for
£56 a day

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user: xardilondon
±90-130 visitors/day
(120-150 new sales/month)

if he bought it in adWords,
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£39 a day

if he bought it on Facebook,
he would get it for
£34 a day

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